Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Online essay writers should be celebrated not vilified

The only reason that essay writing services are vilified is because colleges are telling professors to do it. They are telling professors to create scare stories about online essay writing services to try and stop students from using them. Colleges know that they have no defense against essay writing services. They know that students can use them and get away with it. They know that essays are an outdated learning tool, but they will not change because it is easier to keep going as things are. Essay writers shouldn't be vilified; they should be celebrated as liberators of students from the toil of pointless essays.

Will you write my essay for me?

Consider the fact that essays add nothing! Consider the fact that they produce nothing! When you give a student childcare experience, then they use it to care for children in the future. Give them cooking experience and they use it to cook as adults. The same goes for math, lab tests and so forth, but what do essays do? Unless a student is going to grow up and become an essay writer, then what is the point? There are better ways to teach a student than to have them write stuff down...we have been writing stuff down for hundreds of years, we have moved on a bit since then, but the colleges just won't move on the issue.

Support online essay writers

When you say, "Write my essay for me" to professional essay writers, what you are actually saying is that you reject the antiquated teaching methods that are being pushed on you be a lazy and scared administration, and that you are willing and able to learn on your own. You are using the online paper writer to help direct your own learning instead of using a quill and ink, or instead of clubbing rocks with rocks as your college would insist. After all, colleges have grown from where they used to hit students to where they do not, so what is taking them so long to replace essays with a learning tool from this century?